Before starting on your project which involves any kind of digging, you need to protect you and others from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines. Knowing the location of underground utilities before working will save your workers from injuries, prevent damage of gas, electric, communications, water and other types of lines, save money, time and costly repairs.

Most utilities and property owners do a great job of recording what they put under the ground. So, where is all that data stored?

Right here!

One map One database

Connect all utilities services, manufacturers and engineers in one places.








About project

Underscope map is a cross-platform software tool and map, for storing all underground installations data (gas, electric, communications, water and other types of lines) and displaying it on Google map.

All utilities data at one place

  • ► Energy assets
  • ► Electric power
  • ► Refineries
  • ► Power plants
  • ► Pipelines
  • ► Transmission lines
  • ► Service territories
  • ► Utilities owner
  • ► Utilities operators
  • ► Substations

► Search underground utilities before digging
► Improve new project planning
► Save time for new project
► Avoid injury to workers
► Easily update

► Avoid mistakes
► Save money
► Planning repairs
► Database of services company
► View Potential damage

► Easy access to customers
► Working with company of million customers
► View owners of underground utilities
► Connect all utilities services, manufactures and engineers in one places


  • ► Local authorities
  • ► Public utility services
  • ► Construction
  • ► Utilities manufactures
  • ► Infrastructure

  • ► Town Planners
  • ► Sensor Manufacturers
  • ► Energy Suppliers
  • ► Architects
  • ► Insurance

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