Streamlined Data Management for Utilities

Underscope map is a cross-platform data management software designed for utility industry.It simplifies utilities data management (electricity, communications, water), facilitates precise utility locating, optimizes product distributions (e.g., pumps, transformers, valves), and enhances utilities construction management.

Utilities data management

  • ► Utility static data
  • ► Inspection data
  • ► Failure data
  • ► Accessories data
  • ► Energy assets data
  • ► Works and damages
  • ► Utilities and Accessories features
  • ► Substation data

UnderScope Map delivers the following benefits

► Locating tickets and schedule
► Locating data and features
► Connect with utility locating services
► View project in construction

► Connect wholesalers with utilities companies
► Work specification
► Work invoice
► Wider customer reach

► Utilities data management
► Accessories data mangement
► Damage and work management
► Easy to get utilities products

Products distribution opportunities

Whether you're a manufacturer or distributor of utility products, unlock a world of opportunities by showcasing your offerings on UnderScope Map. Explore the benefits of expanding your reach and visibility within the utility management sector.

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